Why I created Solstice Sol

Hi, my name is Krystle.

My hair is usually blue, I’m all tattooed, and my friends call me a spitfire and a bad ass of a woman-and you know what? They’re right.

Solstice Sol - Krystle Sheehan

I’m a single mom, a professional hairstylist, and I have an immense love for beauty-and especially love having a golden glow. I always feel my best when I’m tan, and in the summer you’ll almost always find me out on the water soaking up the sun

...But I’m also a cancer survivor. And that experience has made me much more conscious of the choices I make for my life-and my skin. After enduring cancer and undergoing months of treatment, I’ve become especially aware of how harmful uv rays are for our skin, and how greatly harmful chemicals can affect our skin-inside and out-during my chemotherapy treatments, I would get rashes from the sun.

To me, beauty has always been synonymous with health and vitality, and honestly, having a beautiful glow from head to toe always just makes me feel better and I especially LOVE being outside and being bronzed by the sun.

Being golden is still my favorite thing, but it isn’t worth my health. Missing my summer tan, I set out to find a solution for my unique needs. After spending hundreds of dollars over the years on products that promise a natural looking tan (and avoiding the tanning bed at all costs!) I kept finding myself disappointed about what I was finding available out there on the market. Products full of chemicals, expensive creams and gels that still have that yucky smell, and no matter what the package promises, there always seems to be that dreaded orange, not golden result.

I knew we all needed something different... and I knew I could create it.

Something that works. Something affordable, but also- something unique with a touch of magic-designed by someone that has experienced the difference between simply being tan and a truly healthy glow.

So I set out to create one myself- and I created Solstice Sol!

Solstice Sol is a Sunless Tanner... with a little extra magic mixed in. It’s a creamy mousse with that glides on smoothly, dries quickly, and it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve a beautiful looking tan, beautiful results.

Our proprietary formula comes in a mess-free mousse that will help you easily achieve a gorgeous tan with the added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays for a glow that you can feel good about. Add a dusting of our shimmering setting powder for an extra special and an even longer lasting result!

What makes Solstice Sol unique? It’s:

  • Self adjusting
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Never tested on animals
  • Light weight, quick drying mousse formula
  • Fragrance Free
  • Woman owned business

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