Tanning Tips from a Makeup Pro!

With "contouring" still being a buzzword and all the rage and curiosity in makeup artistry, many women don’t realize that the art of contouring is simply the art of enhancing the natural shape of our bone structure by manipulating light and shadow on our skin. And you can do it with almost anything.

Tanning Tips froma a Makeup Pro

That's it!

Mind blown yet? Keep reading!

What appears brighter on our faces, brings those features forward. This is why we pros like to use highlighters on cheekbones, brow bones, collarbones, noses and chins.

What appears deeper or shadowed on our faces recedes those features back. This is why we reach for contour powders and bronzers (and find ourselves diving down the YouTube rabbit hole for the right ones, placement, etc.) for sculpting our cheeks, jawlines, noses... even cleavage! 

We often use powders to sculpt our faces after we've applied foundation, concealer, powder and blush and highlighter. And after we finish with a setting spray, it's often more makeup than we actually "need" for the result we are after!

AND, did you know – you can watch all the YouTube tutorials in the world, but guess what? No one's face is as unique as yours is. And what will give your own skin a better light, shadow and glow than your own natural, beautiful healthy looking tan?

Ready to have your mind blown again?

Try this: When you want to tan your face, use a foundation brush to blend Solstice Sol strategically only to the areas where you would usually apply your contour powders and bronzers. For example: buff it along your hairline, down the sides of your nose, and along your jawlines and collarbones. By building contour naturally onto your own skin (and under your foundation!) this way, you’ll achieve a natural, "lit-from-within" looking glow. (Extra-secret Top Pro tip? I use an eyeshadow brush and apply it to the creases of my eyes too!)

Let your Solstice Sol contour dry completely, and follow with a light moisturizer.

This tanning technique is best done at night, so you can wake up with a glow, and use your skincare and foundation and makeup products as usual. You’ll be amazed at how much less makeup you’ll need, and how pretty your skin looks without doing much at all!

And don't forget to highlight your new natural Solstice Sol "contour"! Just follow with Solstice Sol glow powder for the perfect finish, every time.

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