Self-Tanner Tips for a Streak-Free Tan For Your Big Event

Getting ready for a big event? A golden glow is a perfect foundation for a gorgeous glam look for your anniversary, wedding, holiday party, vacation, or any event you want to look your best at.

Get our self-tanner tips for a streak-free tan that will leave you glowing for your next special event.

Tan female legs with white dress and high heels. Discover how to get a streak-free tan with these sunless tanner tips from Solstice Sol.

Gradually Build Your Tan

A gradual, buildable tan gives you more control over your end results than an instant color shift. Imagine trying a new sunless tanner formula the day before your wedding and ending up with a passing resemblance to an orange traffic cone on your big day. Eek.

Don't gamble your big event on an instant formula. Try a buildable sunless tanning formula instead. This will allow you to start your self-tanning process days ahead of time and the ability to adjust until you get just the right level of golden glow for the occasion.

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If you're planning on shaving legs or underarms, the optimal window to do so is the day before you apply your self-tanner.

If you shave immediately before application, you could get a "speckled" look from self-tanner darkening inside of pores. And shaving after you apply self-tanner could give you a streaky appearance from the extra exfoliation happening as you pass the razor over your skin.

Of course, if you're doing a multi-day application to build up your coverage with a buildable formula, you may want to proceed with a daily shave and tan application — in that order.

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Streak-free tans come from silky smooth exfoliated skin. So be sure that you don't skip this step before applying your sunless tanner. Over the span of a 24-hour day, you shed almost 1 million skin cells. Removing these dead cells before you tan helps ensure an even, streak-free result.

While this step is critical for good results, don't overdo it, either. You don't want to create micro-tears in your skin from being overly aggressive in your exfoliation approach.

Start with a gentle dry brushing right before your shower. Not only will you remove dry skin cells and detoxify your skin, but dry brushing also stimulates the nervous system leaving you with those post-massage good feels.

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Next, use a gentle body polish in the shower. Avoid physical scrubs and polishes made from walnut shells or apricot kernels that have rough, irregular edges that can tear and damage your skin. Choose a fine polish or scrub instead and use a firm-yet-soft approach when applying. And please don't scrub at your skin like you're trying to remove baked-on sauce from a lasagna pan. Overly aggressive exfoliating can lead to skin damage and uneven application of your self-tanner.

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Set Your Tan

Sunless tanners don't always have the greatest track record for staying off sheets and clothing. Which can be worrisome when it comes to your big event. Who wants to stress about self-tanner transferring to a white bridal gown or ruining your festive holiday party attire?

Save your clothing, sheets, and add some shimmer to your tan with a mineral-based setting powder. Applied after your sunless tanner, a self-tanner setting powder can help you avoid that sticky feeling on your skin as well as color transfer to fabrics. Bonus, you'll get a beautiful iridescent shimmer for your skin that will look fantastic in photos and under event lighting.

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Enjoy Your Gorgeous Glow!

Buildable coverage, pre-shaving, gentle exfoliation, and a shimmering setting powder are the keys to a streak-free sunless tan for your next event. When you've invested in the perfect outfit and flawless hair and makeup, don't leave your tan to chance. Getting a streak-free perfect tan is easy if you just follow these tips. Enjoy your gorgeous glow!

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