FAQ: Tanner Troubleshooting for a Picture-Perfect Glow

There's nothing quite like a beautiful golden glow to make a statement. Whether it's complimenting your favorite fuzzy sweater or cutoff shorts, no accessory is quite as glam as a faux tan.

If you're still working on the perfect routine to help you achieve and maintain your ideal glow, we can help. Discover the answers to some of your most pressing sunless tanner questions.

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8 Sunless Tanner Questions and Answers for a Perfect Glow

#1: Help, my tan is streaky. What do I do?

Exfoliating before you apply your sunless tanner can help avoid that dreaded streaky tan. Additionally, remember not to shave immediately after you apply your tanner - that can also cause streaking!

If you're currently sporting an unfortunately-streaky tan, don't panic. Exfoliating can help lighten the streaks - scrub the areas that have a little too much pigment to even out your glow.

#2: Why does my tan look speckled?

Shaving immediately before tanning can lead to a speckled look as your self-tanner darkens inside of your pores. To avoid this, shave the day before you apply your tan, not immediately before.

#3: How do I keep my tanner from transferring to my sheets or clothes?

You love your golden glow! Fortunately, it doesn't have to come at the expense of your favorite white sweater or temperature-control sheets.

To keep your tan from transferring, after you apply, remain undressed until the product no longer feels damp to the touch - this won’t take long, Solstice Sol's formula dries quickly! Top it off with our shimmering setting powder to add an extra layer of protection.

#4: My sunless tan is too dark, what do I do?

To prevent a tan that is too dark, or even worse, too orange choose a buildable self-tanner like Solstice Sol's. This lets you build your tan gradually for more control over your end results.

However, if you woke up to a too-dark tan this morning, there's still hope! To lighten your faux glow, try exfoliating - choose a gentle exfoliant for sensitive areas like your face or palms.

#5: Can I apply it to my face?

Yes, you can apply your faux glow to your face too! For an effortless, natural look you can even use your tanner to contour when applying it to your face. Called "tantouring", this technique gives your face a natural-looking tan and highlights the beauty of your natural bone structure.

#6: How do I get tanner off of my hands?

Applying a tanner with your bare hands can leave you with an unfortunate side effect - palms that are too tan compared to the rest of your body. Using latex-free gloves to apply your sunless tanner can help prevent your palms and the back of your hands from grabbing too much color.

Additionally, you can get tanner off your hands before it fully sets and is still damp by using a washcloth or wipe. If your tan has already set, wash your hands thoroughly and exfoliate to lighten the color.

#7: How often can I apply sunless tanner?

Your tan will last, on average, about 7 to 10 days. How often you need to apply will depend on your personal preferences and skin. To maintain your tan, you may need to apply anywhere from a few times a week to a couple of times a month.

#8: How do I make my sunless tanner last longer?

You can help your tan last by moisturizing regularly for happy skin that doesn't shed as often. Additionally, avoid certain products like exfoliants and salicylic acid after you tan, as these cause your skin to shed more quickly. (Keep in mind this is only between applications - exfoliating is crucial before you apply!)

The real secret to an easy-breezy tan? Choosing a product that's mess-free and easy to use from the start. If you're ready to rock a faux glow, try Solstice Sol's Full Set, with mess-free mousse and shimmering setting powder to make your tanning routine a snap.

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