Everybody’s Talking: Learn Why People Love Solstice Sol

Solstice Sol was created by Krystle, a beauty industry professional and cancer survivor, to marry her love of a sun-kissed golden tan with her desire for a healthy tan free of toxic chemicals and UV rays. Krystle set out to create her perfect tanner - Solstice Sol. It’s a creamy, vegan mousse that’s free of parabens, gluten, and fragrance.

The Solstice Sol tanning set against a red and white background.

Since then, Krystle’s drive to achieve a glow without sacrificing her health has resonated with many in the Solstice Sol family. Read on to learn more about what people love about Solstice Sol.

The Solstice Sol Sunless Tanner.

Enjoy a Simple, Streak-Free Glow with Our Sunless Tanner

"So I usually do not like sunless tanner. I have dry skin and other products I have tried typically flake off after a couple of days and I end up looking really patchy. I tried this stuff, and I have to say, it has changed my life. With my dry skin, it stays on perfectly and doesn't flake off. It doesn't smell bad like most sunless tanners do, and it goes on easy, and it’s buildable if you start to notice your skin getting lighter over a period of time. This stuff is AMAZING."

- Hailey

"Anyone that knows me, knows I like to be tan, and I like to be dark. I don’t need a special occasion to be tan. I spray tan often just to feel good and look good. I have to say this product is out of this world. If you sunless tan, you know the nasty smell. There is no smell, no streaks, no stains, and no mess! I apply at night and sleep in it. After 4 nights, I was at my desired dark color and it LASTS! Wonderful product! Membership at CA Sun canceled!"

- Jade

Ready to try this streak-free, flake-free formula for yourself?

Get Your Glow On

An open jar of Solstice Sol’s Setting Powder.

Get Your Shimmer on with Our Setting Powder

"This stuff is amazing!! I love the shimmery glow it gives in addition to using the sunless tanner."

- Hailey

"Love love love the shimmer! This stuff is amazing!"

- Carmella

Lock in your tan with Solstice Sol’s organic setting powder.

Shimmer and Shine

Two rainbow fan brushes, one with a black handle and one with a white handle.

You’ll Be a Fan of this Rainbow Fan Brush

"Such a fun brush that is soft and perfect for applying the powder."

- Hailey

Solstice Sol’s Rainbow Fan Brush features soft bristles made from synthetic fiber – it’s ideal for applying your setting powder! Enjoy your choice of a black or white handle.

Go Over the Rainbow

Solstice Sol’s Full Set shown on a white background.

Ready, Set, Glow With Our Full Set

"Absolutely LOVE this product. I’m not a huge fan of self-tanners and have tried many with little success…but this one was so easy and the results are amazing! No streaks, no horrible smell, and I climbed right in bed without it getting all over the sheets. You’re a genius!"

- Karissa

"This product is a game-changer! The sunless tanner comes out as a light and airy foam that goes on like silk. The bronze color guide will not transfer onto your sheets or clothes and there is no sunless odor. There is no other product like this out there on the market. The setting powder is perfect for daytime application and it highlights that healthy glow!"

- Alicia

The full set packages everything you need for your golden glow in a convenient bundle.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Are you enjoying your summer glow? We’d love to hear about your experience. Leave a review for your favorite Solstice Sol product!

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