Applying Solstice Sol Sunless Tanner is a Breeze!

Solstice Sol’s light weight foaming formula is easy to apply, and it dries super fast!

Applying Sunless Tanner

Apply Solstice Sol in the morning after your shower and still be able to get dressed after. Watch your glow gradually develop during the day (with no yucky smell!)

Apply Solstice Sol at night after your shower, and wake up looking like you spent the night in the Bahamas!

For the best, most beautiful application, always start with freshly exfoliated skin! By sloughing away dryness and dead skin cells, you’ll reveal softer, smoother skin for the product to work with for the most radiant, long-lasting tan.

Our top tips:

  • In the shower, use a loofah sponge or your favorite sugar scrub to lather up and scrub away any dryness. Pay extra attention to the drier areas of our skin such as knees, feet, elbows, ankles and the backs of your hands.
  • Towel off completely.
  • Use latex-free gloves to apply Solstice Sol, keep your palms and the back of your hands from grabbing too much color.
  • Work Solstice Sol in with your hands, and enjoy the smoothest most streak free application
  • Solstice Sol’s formula dries quickly, however remain undressed until the product no longer feels at all damp to the touch.

Pro tip: don’t want to be caught with untanned hands, but hate tan palms? After you’ve applied Solstice Sol to the rest of your body, remove the gloves and throw them away, and wash your hands. You can tan your hands last by pumping a small bit of product onto a foundation brush and buffing it in lightly from your wrists to your fingers for a super natural tanned look.

Pro Tip: want to tan your face, but don’t want to over do it? Pump a small amount of Solstice Sol into your favorite moisturizer in the palm of your hands, mix them together and you have the most amazing tinted moisturizer that will give you a gradual glow as you go.

So easy!

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