6 Bronzer & Tinted Sunscreens to Maintain Your Solstice Sol Glow

You want to protect your skin with the healthiest sunscreen possible. But mineral-based, nontoxic sunscreens are notorious for leaving a layer of white zinc on your skin. While this may be great for protecting you against UV damage and carcinogenic ingredients, it’s not so great when you’re trying to rock a golden glow.

A tan woman in a swimming pool wearing a sun hat. Enhance your glow with these six tinted or bronzer sunscreens.

Don’t despair! Because a little dose of bronzer or tint with your sunscreen can solve this skincare dilemma.

Discover six healthy sunscreens that will highlight—not hide—your golden glow.

6 Sunscreens to Highlight Your Sunless Golden Tan

AKT Therapy D-Luxe Daily Bronzer SPF 30

D-luxe Daily Bronzer SPF 30 from AKT Therapy is the perfect way to protect your skin while highlighting that beautiful Solstice Sol glow.

This bronzer with SPF uses extra virgin olive oil to keep your skin soft and hydrated, while Zinc-Oxide serves as a safe mineral sunblock. Ideal for daily use between applications of your Solstice Sol Sunless Tanner.

Ke Ko Sun Cream

This tinted sunscreen from Kino by Kimie provides healthy protection from dangerous UVA and UVB rays with SPF 31 coverage and a colorful tint.

Ke Ko Sun Cream is a healthy zinc-based sunscreen that’s naturally tinted with cocoa powder. Available in two different shades, this fair trade sunscreen is baby-safe, free of chemicals, and never tested on animals.

Olita Organic Mineral Sunstick

This SPF 30 tinted sunscreen from Olita comes as a convenient, organic mineral stick. Even better? This sunscreen is made without toxic or harmful chemicals to help preserve and protect coral reefs, and 10% of each sale will go to the Coral Reef Alliance.

The Olita Organic Mineral Sunstick provides SPF 30 protection with a mineral zinc block. Available in two different shades. Throw this stick sunblock in your bag to easily reapply as needed throughout the day.

Green Screen Organic Sunscreen

Green Screen Organic Sunscreen from Kabana Organic Sunscreen with SPF 31 is a tinted sunscreen. This organic sunscreen is vega, containing just nine edible-grade ingredients, including zinc oxide, extra virgin olive oil, and jojoba oil.

This sunscreen comes in four shades so you can choose one that compliments your Solstice Sol glow.

Impeccable Skin

This moisturizing sunscreen lotion from Suntegrity is rich in vitamins C and E, so it nourishes your skin as it protects it.

A zinc-based SPF 30 sunscreen, Impeccable Skin is fragrance-free, oil-free, and cruelty-free.

LASPA SPF20 Fluid Matte Foundation

This 3 in 1 mineral sunscreen moisturizes your skin as it protects it. Choose from three naturally tinted shades. LASPA SPF20 Fluid Matte Foundation is fragrance-free and completely vegan, offering broad-spectrum SPF 20 protection.

Show off your best glow by enhancing your Solstice Sol tan with a daily bronzing or tinted sunscreen. Do you add a little color with your daily sunscreen? Share your routine with us on social!

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